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Hilti will help you with all your coring challenges and provide 40% faster core drilling.

Whether you are new to coring or have been doing it for years or want to start, make Hilti your preferred partner in supplying diamond coring machines, core bits, diamond coring accessories and diamond coring training.

Whether it’s a simple through penetration with little rebar, or a sophisticated floor application with lots of rebar or a challenging stitch core application to open a large space; there is no challenge that Hilti products and teams have not experienced before, we are here to support.  

We offer systems for hand-held, rig-mounted, wet or dry, light or heavy-duty applications. You can also use our wide range of accessories, diamond core bits and blades. Our dust collection systems and vacuum cleaners are designed to be tough and withstand the rigors of the jobsite – for wet or dry applications - with an automatic filter cleaning system to help maintain constantly high suction.

Our core bits range from ultimate, premium and standard depending on your business needs, job requirements and budget. Its always best to speak to a Hilti account manager who can guide you on this selection.


All Hilti coring machines are sold with a 20-year manufacturer’s warranty

All Hilti coring machines come with a 2-year no repair costs for wear and tear

+ Hilti tools are repaired by certified technicians

+ We take care in having spare parts available for our tools in-market

+We know time is money so we take care in having a fast turnaround time to get the tool back on your site so you can keep working

All Hilti paid repairs come with 1-month warranty so if its still not working when you receive it within the month of the repair, we will look at the tool again and fix it with no repair charge.                                      

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All Hilti coring machines come with a user manual & operational instruction, you can find this in the box or case. All major languages are available.

You can download the material safety data sheets of all our tools, core bits or accessories. See below some links to download these documents.

We can also provide you with training videos for the correct setup of the coring machine and what to do if you hit rebar.

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Product training

Hilti has account managers servicing all major cities in your country; to support you on your construction site; to show your workers how to conduct safe and productive coring.

This will not only make your workers more productive; but proper usage of the tool may even extend it’s life & reduce repairs. It has also been noticed that proper usage can extend the usage of the barrels.


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Multiple sales & communication channels

Hilti has a few ways you can buy from them you can have an account manager come visit you or you can visit a Hilti store or call our customer service number. In some markets you can order the product through the website.

Select the communication and sales channel most relevant for your needs.

When it comes to purchasing drop-in anchors, accessories & drill bits, you want to have the convenience of having it delivered with a few clicks, simple call or email or a quick visit to your nearest Hilti store. You decide what is convenient for you.

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You don’t know what kind of hidden rebar—might stand in your way. You just know that you want to get to the other side of a concrete wall, floor, or barrier as quickly as you can. Of course, you also know how costly and time-consuming unexpected jamming of core drills can be.

For these reasons and more, our engineers have developed options that can help you improve productivity and cut back on downtime.

Match the demands of your base materials with core drills that can adapt gearing and speed to the job at hand. Minimize diamond core bit jams with core drills that can detect and compensate for embedded rebar. Satisfy dry or wet core-drilling applications with core drills that can be handheld or rig-mounted.


This is on-demand concrete core drilling

The big advantage of empowering your trade experts to handle their own concrete coring is that a project rarely gets stuck waiting around for an outside coring team to get called in, travel to site, do the work, and then clean-up – sometimes just for one or two holes.

Designed for non-specialists to use easily and accurately

Hilti has figured out how to make concrete core drilling easy for people who aren’t coring full-time. We did this by identifying the major problems of water management, tool mobility, and clean up and devising solutions that make operation simple, intuitive and fast.

Turns a multiple person job into a one person job

From the setup to cleanup, one person is all it takes. Because it is easy to maneuver and self-contained. Hilti’s diamond concrete core drilling system eliminates the need for multiple people to be involved in coring work. This can reduce the labor from an average of three people to just one.

It's the fastest way to core in the industry, from start to finish

Speed is a natural companion to productivity. Not only can one person do an entire coring job solo, the time it takes them to setup, drill, cleanup is typically 40% faster than the next best alternative.

Pays for itself in just two or three jobs

No tricks or complicated math required: The upfront investment of the system pays for itself very quickly when compared to the costs for outsourcing coring and waiting for work to be done.

Water and slurry management system

With a portable water supply unit (Hilti DWP 10) for diamond drilling– capacity 10 liters you can core in places with no direct water supply or by using the Hilti DD-WMS 100;  a single unit for the supply of cooling water as well as the collection and filtration of wastewater from diamond drilling systems. Your water and slurry management needs are sorted.


Hilti DD 200 – Introduction Video

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